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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the AWS Monitoring and Auditing training program. This is an addition to our skill-based training programs. This course will allow candidates to explore the complex world of AWS monitoring, and auditing. AWS is constantly changing. Many resources are being provisioned, while at the same time being terminated due the nature of high scale and elasticity.
Because AWS cloud infrastructure is dynamic, it is important to regularly check the status of each resource. AWS cloud infrastructure performance must be monitored by enterprises. To ensure that AWS infrastructure meets desired performance benchmarks, enterprises must conduct frequent audits.
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Understanding Cloud Monitoring And Auditing
A professional training course is a great way to start a career in AWS system monitoring and auditing. This discussion will discuss the details of the Whizlabs AWS monitoring & auditing online course. Learn how the Whizlabs online course for AWS monitoring or auditing can benefit your career.
Before we get to the details about the Whizlabs AWS Monitoring and Auditing Training Course, let’s take a look at the basics of cloud monitoring.
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud monitoring is the process of reviewing the operations and infrastructures in a cloud asset. Cloud monitoring can be made easier by the implementation of automated monitoring software. This software allows for central access and control over the cloud infrastructure. Cloud monitoring is dependent on the deployment model used by the organization. Cloud monitoring focuses on different parts of the cloud to ensure they work seamlessly and achieve optimal performance.
Cloud monitoring has several notable functions, including virtual machine monitoring and cloud storage monitoring. Database monitoring is also available. Website monitoring is also possible. Cloud monitoring can help identify patterns in cloud infrastructure and identify security risks. Cloud monitoring can also be used to address important functions like the following:
Transparency in application, file and user behavior.
Integration of monitoring tools into different applications
Monitoring huge amounts of data distributed across many locations.
Continuous monitoring to ensure real-time scanning and updating of files.
Security compliance concerns can be addressed by reporting capabilities
For better AWS cloud monitoring skills, learners will need to acquire expertise in Amazon CloudWatch. The new Whizlabs AWS Monitoring and Auditing Training Course will teach you how to monitor AWS-based apps and cloud resources using Amazon CloudWatch.
Amazon CloudWatch provides comprehensive monitoring of AWS resources including Amazon RDS DB instances and Amazon EC2 instances. CloudWatch provides comprehensive visibility into operational health, resource utilization, application performance, and other important aspects.
Cloud Auditing
Cloud auditing is the second major concern in AWS service monitoring and auditing. Cloud auditors can be either third-party or in-house teams that perform independent evaluations of cloud service controls in accordance to certain benchmarks. Audits can be used to verify that cloud infrastructure is compliant with standards by assessing objective evidence. Cloud auditors can examine the services provided by cloud providers in terms of security and privacy impact. The evaluation of security controls is a major part of the cloud audit process.
The AWS Monitoring and Auditing training course would cover the functionalities of AWS CloudTrail. The AWS CloudTrail service offers comprehensive governance, operational auditing and risk audits. It also provides compliance audits of AWS accounts. It can provide valuable insights into the AWS account’s history, including actions taken with AWS SDKs, AWS CLI, and other services. CloudTrail provides effective support to detect unusual activity in AWS accounts. It is now easier to perform operational analysis and troubleshooting.
AWS Config is another popular entry in the basic skills required for monitoring and auditing on AWS. This AWS service allows you to evaluate, audit and evaluate the configurations of different AWS resources. AWS Config allows you to monitor and document the configurations of your AWS resources.

By Delilah