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According to CloudHarmony Inc. figures, Amazon Web Services (AWS), was last year more reliable that main competitors Microsoft Azure or the Google Cloud Platform.
According to the company’s CloudSquare Status site, four AWS services were down for a total time of 4.9 hours. Amazon EC2 compute service experienced 12 outages totalling 2.14 hours. This resulted in a 99.9973 percent “365 day availability” rating.
These are some numbers that CloudHarmony has provided:
Cloud Provider ServiceOutagesDowntime AWS Amazon EC2 (compute)122.14 hours Amazon S3 (storage)262.8 hours Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines10443.1 hours Object Storage13910.92 hours Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine1543.98 hours Cloud Storage1318.52 minutes The AWS cloud also saw a strong reliability increase in 2014, according to CloudEndure, another company that tracks cloud provider uptime and other metrics, in this case using AWS’ own reporting mechanism.
According to the company, data from AWS Health Dashboard reporting showed a 41% quarter-over-quarter decrease in global AWS performance issues. This dropped from 127 errors in Q1 and 26 in Q4, 2014. Because the companies use different metrics, the numbers don’t match.

By Delilah