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  • Accessibility in more AWS regions: “MongoDB Atlas” is now available in all AWS regions. This means that users around the globe can access the database service with minimal geographic latency.
  • Queryable backup snaps: This allows you to query backup snapshots and quickly restore data at the document-level in minutes. We no longer need to restore the entire cluster of data when we only need a subset.
  • The Atlas UI now offers the ability to explore databases: “The new Data Explorer for MongoDB Atlas lets us run queries, view metadata and see statistics about index usage without having to resort to the mongo shell. You can access the Data Explorer for Atlas clusters that are dedicated by clicking the ‘DATA’ button.

These improvements are in addition to those announced by MongoDB Inc. last November, including new AWS Virtual Private Cloud peering (VPC), which was included in MongoDB 3.4. MongoDB Atlas currently only supports AWS cloud. However, the company stated that it plans to support other cloud platforms in the future — such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

By Delilah